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Goods from shaanxi arrived in Hamburg by china-europe train for 16 days

Date: 2018-06-11
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Goods from shaanxi arrived in Hamburg by china-europe train for 16 days

陕西商品乘中欧班列抵达汉堡 共历时16天

Central European trains arrive in Hamburg, Germany

At noon on June 5th, local time, the German Hamburg Railway Freight Terminal, with a long whistle, a silver-colored Central European train "Changan" traveled 16 days long and safely arrived at the Hamburg DUSS station. Carrying 41 containers, Shaanxi-made goods entered the European market through the “Belt and Road” through train. Han Yong, Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Sun Congbin, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Hamburg, Yan Chaoying, Secretary General of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and representatives of Chinese and German enterprises attended the arrival ceremony of the Chang'an. 

Hamburg is Germany's second largest city, Germany's important seaport, the largest foreign trade center, the second largest financial center, and an important transportation hub in northern Germany. 

At 13:50 on June 5, at the pick-up ceremony, Han Yong announced: "Central Europe Ban Li (Xi'an - Hamburg) pitted." The guests attending the pick-up ceremony greeted the class and entered the station. In the wave of people's greetings, the "Changan" class came slowly, like a long dragon, and the momentum was spectacular. After the train stopped at the station, the guests were warmly applauded. 

It is understood that the class that arrived in Hamburg in Xi'an was started from Xi'an Port on May 20, and it was a total of 41 cars. It took 16 days to arrive at Hamburg Station. After two changes in Alashankou and Budapest, one ticket exchange, and finally arrived in Hamburg. The goods contained in the train are from Shaanxi and surrounding areas, mainly including machinery and equipment, electronic products, toys and light industrial products. The total value of goods is about 2 million US dollars. It is exported to Shaanxi and surrounding radiation areas to the “Belt and Road”. The country provides convenient and efficient direct service.

According to Marcel Stein, general manager of DBO Bahnoperator GmbH, Xi'an is an important city in western China and a new starting point for the Silk Road Economic Belt, in the New Eurasia Bridge. In construction, it will play an irreplaceable and important role. Detie will work closely with Xi'an in Shaanxi to continuously expand the operation of the China-European class, promote economic exchanges and personnel exchanges between Xi'an and Germany and Europe, and work hard to promote Sino-German cooperation. 

After listening to the detailed reports of the relevant responsible persons of Xi'an International Port Area and Lugang Group on the China-Europe team, Han Yong specially inquired about the supply and operation organization of the trains in China and Europe. He said that the opening ceremony of the China-European class was a safe and efficient way for China to export its products to Europe and European products to China. Convenient international import and export trade channel. It is hoped that through the "Changan" of the China-European class, the capacity of Shaanxi to open to the west, to the east, to spread the country, and to accelerate the construction of the Silk Road International Trade and Transportation Logistics Center.

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